Secrets, and lies, Down East
National Post 19 February 2010
In Nova Scotia, the scandal remains front page news: For at least the past three years a lot of politicians fudged their expense accounts. New disclosures surface daily, more heads roll and neophyte premier Darrell Dexter isn't looking good at all.

Mad about ATVs
Macleans 27 November 2008

Curses you need in times like these
Montreal Gazette 30 October 2008
Maledictions. Unhappy with your broker? Put in a call to the Spirits General

A forgotten horror
National Post 24 October 2008
Newfoundland lost two thirds of the soldiers it sent to Europe during the First World War - and yet their sacrifice goes unremembered.

Light Wars
Macleans 18 june 2008
In a cold country, CFLs may not be that eco-friendly after all

Old-time religion, old-fashioned abuse
Globe and Mail 5 April 2008
THE SECRET LIVES OF SAINTS:  Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada's Polygamous Mormon Sect

Dawn Rae Downton on Sexy Siddahs: Transcendental love
National Post  9 February 2008
I knew Maharishi — MaHARshi, we called him — better than most. In college, I shacked up with a TM “governor,” a sweet, if spacey, older-man boyfriend who was terrific in bed (also in parking lots and on park benches; he’d been at it for years, after all) but spent way too much time trying to fly. At 20, I’d had it with hunt-and-peck boys. Why fly when you can sleep with the best?

Seeking funds to expand
Macleans 6 February 2008
A U.S. "non-profit" helps women who want boob jobs find men who'll pay for them

If there's a wind, it will find its way east
The Toronto Star 12 January 2008
No need for hyped weather forecasts – Maritimers know to always expect the worst

You can't take the wind out of their sails
Globe and Mail 11 November 2007

Maritime grit:  While Noel flung boulders straight out of the ocean onto the beach, it also lobbed them across the highway above the beach, right into the houses on the road’s far side

The feud that just won't end
Macleans 8 October 2007
Legendary book editor Nan Talese still can't believe what Oprah did

Marijuana and the munchies
Macleans 24 September 2007
A new 'cannabinoid blocker' could help rehabilitate the weed

A civic brawl at the end of the rainbow
Macleans 10 September 2007
Sleepy Truro, Nova Scotia (population 11,800) has awakened into a nightmare...

A cancer vaccine with political will
National Post Front Page  7 August 2007
Merck's new HPV vaccine, Gardasil: miracle cure or snake oil?  You decide

Still, by the sea 
National Post  2 September 2006
"I’m not here to be close to Stephanie," Mr Shaw tells me. "I don’t believe in proximity over the bier of death. When people ask me then why did you come, I always answer ‘why did Swissair 111 not come back to Geneva?’ If you can tell me that, I can tell you why I came here"

Keeping private talk private  
Globe and Mail  19 August 2006
As the Royal Family has discovered, your phone, BlackBerry and computer are all vulnerable to hacking.  Here’s what you can do about it

Who’s watching the watchers? 
Globe and Mail  22 July 2006
They're invisible, infallible—and a scourge to privacy.  RFID tags embedded in shopping carts, drug packaging, even the walls in public washrooms are recording every step we take

Down with toilet paper walls, up with Sunday shopping  
Globe and Mail   15 July 2006
"What would Martians think if they landed and saw this?" said one shopper to her husband.
"Nova Scotia, Mars," he snorted. "What’s the difference?"

Mind over platter: using hypnosis to lose weight   
Globe and Mail 20 May 2006
The method’s all in the follow-up, in the tapes Romane sells—along with tongue cleaners (for smokers), even a flask of what I'd imagined was smelling salts but turned out to be an aromatherapy tincture.  If anyone's disappointed that this is going to be work, not magic, there's no sign of it. At the break there's a queue for tapes. Beverley and her friend Cavell each buy a set. "If I find I've wasted my money," Cavell says, "well, it wouldn't be the first time"

Al-Qaeda Eyes a 9/11 for satellites
National Post  Front Page   22 August 2005
Experts are warning that al-Qaeda has the desire—and the knowledge—to take out satellites

Our fling with flings: a new books trend
National Post   23 July 2005
Women are taking to the sheets in record numbers.  Really?

National Post  15 June 2005
They’ve shaken off their winter slumber and moved indoors—with you.  Each spring, 60,000 Canadian homes calls the exterminator.  This year, add the ice storm’s wood rot colonies

Lightning’s Hits and Myths!  
National Post  17 July 2004
Actually, your odds of getting hit by lightning are pretty good

He did it his way: all 957 pages  
National Post 12 June 2004
Bill Clinton eluded the grips of a hands-on editor by delivering his book very late and very long

Man against machine on Nova Scotia’s tony shore  
National Post   22 May 2004
Fight between residents and owners of ATVs turns nasty.  “Nothing takes out a tire like a .22”

She loved Lucy 
Globe and Mail 15 May 2004
Writer Ann Patchett gives her friend life again 

Nova Scotia could only pray while Juan raged
Globe and Mail  08 October 2003
Nova Scotia is a province of political disasters. God and his natural ones should stay away